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Unikulma offers individual beds based on more than 30 years of experience. Durability, Nordic appearance and high customer satisfaction have made the Unikulma UnikHotel bed the most requested bed in Finland for hotels that want to offer their customers the best possible night's sleep.

Unikulma beds are tailored to the needs of users of different weights and ensure a great night's rest and relaxation. The best way to recognise a quality bed is by its fashionable appearance and high quality, durable materials

Investing in a good bed is the surest way to improve your quality of sleep. We find out what our customers want and need, and work with them to develop the best personalised solutions

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Personal spring mattress is handcrafted based on the results of the UnikLab measurement each sleeper according to the body's needs.

The UnikLab measuring device records the surface pressure of the human body on the mattress Measurement result give tob important information about individual sleeping ergonomics, which is then used to design a mattress that is sleeper the right spring for the sleeper's body. This shows our physiotherapists where the mattress should give way and where the body should be supported, so that the sleeper's spine remains in the most natural position possible during the night. The more comfortable the sleeping position is for the body, the less a person will rest, change position or wake up during the night, and the better the sleeper will rest. In turn, a good night's sleep means a more successful day.

This kind of bed supports the well-being of the back and body, and corrects muscle imbalances where necessary.

Unikulma's professional team consists of physiotherapists and ergonomic designers. We can also provide you with information and help on what else you can do to influence the ergonomics of your bedroom - what your bedroom should look like, which pillow and duvet are best for you, etc.

All personalised beds are handmade in the Unikulma factory in Vantaa. We also make the springs ourselves, with our own Unikulma spring machine, to ensure the high quality of the springs.

Unikulma OY has been operating in Finland since 1985, in Estonia we have been selling these beds for 17 years now. We have a lot of experience, are very flexible and also very fast - it takes no more than 4 weeks to make a bed


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