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Our goal at Saunumis is to revolutionise the sauna world and create solutions for the modern sailor who values his or her well-being and wants to enjoy the sauna in the best way that today's sauna has to offer. If you would like to bring your sauna into a new sauna era, now is your chance to test our technology. At the fair, we'll be heating up our customers' absolute favourite, the Saunum Primary heated sauna air conditioner, so you can try out the new sauna experience for yourself. How will the test take place? for 45 seconds, we will test the baking experience with the sauna air conditioner both on and off.

Saunum's patented sauna air conditioner and method of enriching the air with salt ions is unique in the world and has received a lot of good feedback - those who have tried Saunum's air-conditioned heater won't want to go back to a regular scorching sauna. For a home spa experience, you can use the Saunumi heater to create a classic hot-bed sauna, a soft-bed wet sauna, a steam-rich sauna, a salt-rich sauna, an aroma sauna or a mild-heated sanarium

The Leil sauna control makes heating and controlling the sauna easier, smarter and more economical. With just a few taps, you can 'heat' your sauna, set your favourite sauna type and control the air conditioning directly from your mobile phone

For visitors to the sauna booth, the "cherry on the cake" is a -10% discount on standard-priced equipment, valid until the end of April.
There's also a super special offer on a set of two devices - Saunum Primary Spa heater + Saunum Leil sauna control unit - until the end of April for €995 (regular price €1290).

You can find Saunum equipment at official dealers all over Estonia!
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Saunum Primary - Home sauna spa heater

A customer favourite!

Saunum Primary is a unique heater-sauna air conditioner designed to create an enhanced sauna in apartments and private houses. Saunum Primary's large stone volume and patented air-mixing system ensure a truly great glow that is soft and long, spreading evenly throughout the entire glow space.

The salt balls added to the unit enrich the air with Himalayan salt ions, which have a healing effect on the respiratory tract and skin.

Saunum Primary offers at least five sauna solutions to turn your sauna into a relaxing spa.

Saunum Premium - Home sauna spa heater

Saunum Premium is a Nordic minimalist and award-winning designed heated sauna air conditioner for the modern sailor who values his well-being and wants to enjoy his sauna in the best way.

A patented air heating system, a large stone capacity, Himalayan salt balls and modern features add a new quality to the sauna experience, turning it into a relaxing home spa.

Enjoy a soft relaxing sauna, a sauna enriched with salt ions, a mild steamy sauna, a sanarium or an aroma sauna

Saunum Professional - Spa heater for larger home and public saunas

Saunum Professional is a unique heated sauna air conditioner with an elegantly beautiful appearance and an exceptionally large stone basket, specially designed for larger sauna rooms to create an enhanced sauna.

The large stone volume and patented air-mixing system ensure a really good glow, which is soft and long, evenly distributed over the entire sauna room.

Himalayan salt balls and modern features create a relaxing sauna and spa experience

In brushed steel or genuine copper, the Saunum Professional is a real gem in both home and public saunas

Saunum Leil - Smart sauna control unit

Saunum Leil is a self-learning sauna control unit that makes it convenient and easy to control the Saunum sauna heater

The control unit will optimise the heating time according to the sauna dimensions and data. This improves the sauna experience and also reduces energy consumption

Three pre-settable heat types allow you to heat the sauna and enjoy the pleasures of the SPA with a few touches of the screen.

When the sauna is ready for the desired time, switch on the sauna air conditioner from the screen and enjoy the lightness of breath, the mild heat and a particularly relaxing sauna experience.

Saunum Base - Air conditioner for wood- or electric-heated sauna rooms

Saunum Base solves the main problems of today's classic wood- or electric-fired sauna, such as temperature stratification, short and scorching heat and lack of oxygen.

Saunum Base, a unique sauna air conditioner that complements the heater, fits into any sauna, ensuring a more even temperature, softer and more air-rich sauna. Himalayan salt balls and the unit's state-of-the-art features turn every sauna into a relaxing spa experience

Install the air conditioner on top of the slab, recessed into the slab or even integrated. The touch-sensitive switch makes it very easy to control the air conditioner.


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