Maheleib OÜ

We are located in Box F-1 the beginning of the 20th century, Liisa Liplap opened her own bakery in the small town of Mõisaküla, baking all kinds of bakery products, but mainly bread.

Liisa made bread the way it was always made on the farm: she brought rye flour from the mill (at that time there was no other flour than wholemeal rye flour, which was also mild because artificial fertilisers were unknown at that time), added the previous day's starter, water, salt and sugar. Alice had no machines of any kind and did all the work by hand.

At that time, her bread and other products were renowned in Manor Village for their good taste and quality.

When Liisa grew older, she was no longer able to run the bakery herself, and her children were not interested in taking over. Liisa then closed her bakery to wait for new times and new makers.





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