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Kaissu was born out of a desire to create. To create exactly what would touch our own souls every day and find a place in people's hearts. Ideas that have been waiting for a long time to come from the drawer to the table and from the table to life are now taking shape under the inviting name of Kaissu. Please get acquainted - here is a fresh Estonian design for your bedroom!

Inspired by the colours, light and pristine nature of Estonia, Kaissu is beautiful and crisp. Although modern, it appreciates tradition. A little bit stubborn. Valuing authenticity and uniqueness, all Kaissu products are handcrafted from natural materials in our workshop in Tallinn, Estonia.So now, one by one, you'll find a range of exciting interior design products - furniture, textiles and accessories - mainly for the bedroom. All created with heart.




Bed Ída

A bed with a bold and distinctive design. Sturdy and functional, yet airy and elegant.

A platform bed in which Scandinavian materials and colours meet Japanese form in a subtle Kaissu style. Made of natural birch wood, the bed is attached to a sturdy metal frame.

A 5-degree headboard can be added to the bed for more comfortable support. If desired, the side rails can be folded to the same width as the rest of the bed.

Bed Marriage Nature

A quintessentially minimalist bed with a particularly airy and refined design. The bed is made from a combination of two strong materials - solid oak and metal - which give the bed durability and create a visual contrast.

Bed Fuzzy

KAISSU's latest, long-awaited bed Sume. Beneath the soft textile upholstery, Kaissu's signature slim and slender form shines through. Slightly retro, discreetly luxurious. "Up to now, our collection has only featured minimalist wooden frame beds.

With the new model, we want to offer something different for those who like Kaissu's design style and brand, but who long for a slightly softer interior than our current range." says Helen Leetsar, Kaissu designer. The new bed will be made by the best Estonian craftsmen according to the customer's preferences. You can choose the size of the bed, the height of the footboard and the headboard, the cover textile and the material and colour of the legs

*The bed in the picture is made of trendy bouclé fabric with oak legs.

Console table Marriage

console table genuine

Console table with a minimalist design made of natural oak wood with a drawer, which is equally suitable for the hallway, conveniently storing keys/documents, as well as for the living room or bedroom as a mirror table, shelf.


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