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Advice on solving room acoustics problems

When selling curtains, we are increasingly confronted with the issue of room acoustics. Curtains are often used to solve problems that have not been solved by other construction methods.

In fact, when looking for acoustic fabrics, it is important to know exactly what problem you are trying to solve. One of the biggest mistakes made when dealing with acoustics is not distinguishing between sound absorption and sound isolation.

Rooms that resonate and where every little sound becomes a disturbing noise need sound absorbing materials. These are usually large open spaces with lots of smooth hard surfaces.

By using sound-absorbing materials in such spaces, we can change the length of the reverberation and thus the function of the space.

Solving acoustic problems with textiles

Lighting design in landscape architecture

designing a landscape architecture initiative is a fine science that requires the ability to apply certain principles and techniques. This is where landscape architects and lighting specialists are of great help.

However, if you do want to try your hand at designing your own garden lighting scheme, it is worth familiarising yourself with as much as possible. That way, you can be sure of a plan that will serve its purpose and avoid costly reworking later on. Where to start?

Lisete Kivimägi, interior and landscape architect at Design Studio L1 Landscape OÜ, can advise you.

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Summer house in Võsu - harmony creates respect for the environment

A house becomes a home when it's a good place to be, whether it's a private home or a summer cottage. When everything works logically, the layouts are practical and functional, and fit the needs of the people who live there.

There has been a lot of talk lately about a home being a harmonious whole. It is, but it is a harmonious whole when all the important factors are in harmony: the surrounding environment, the house itself, its furnishings and functionality, and the wishes and characteristics of its inhabitants.

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Replacing the gas boiler and options for hybrid solutions

In the context of the difficult geopolitical situation in the world and the very rapid increase in gas prices, people have started to show interest in gas boiler replacement and more economical heating solutions.

We don't really know what will happen to the price of gas and whether we will be able to heat our homes with it at any point.

What are the alternatives to make the gas heating system more economical and efficient? Madis Tolk, Sales Manager at Maaküte OÜ, will advise.

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Clever solutions for combining an extractor fan, hob and outdoor motor

today, no one doubts the need for an air cleaner. Today, the focus is more on smart solutions, i.e. how to skilfully integrate, combine and remotely control the operation of an air cleaner.

According to Rene Möller of E-furnishing, a company that sells household appliances and spare parts and designs installation solutions, customers mostly want an air cleaner that is powerful enough to pull, but also as quiet as possible and conveniently remote-controlled from, for example, the hob.

Nor can we overlook the various pressure problems that can arise in modern homes, where the extraction capacity of the chosen air cleaner creates underpressure. This is usually resolved during the installation process, but it's worth being aware of this too. But which type of solution to choose, from which manufacturer, and what conditions to follow?

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When planning the general lighting in the children's room, follow the principle of indirect lighting!

Light is like a piece of magic that can create a small miracle in a room! When planning the lighting in a children's room and choosing the lamps, it is important to consider both the room and the person who will live in it. If it's children, then in addition to the general recommendations - that the light should be healthy, comfortable and safe - you should also consider their developmental stages and changing needs.

Above all, the young and sensitive eyes of the child should be taken into account. Incorrectly chosen light levels can damage eyes at a young age. Also, light, and more specifically light temperature, has the potential to either help balance a child's emotions or encourage them to concentrate.

Liina Einla, architectural lighting design consultant at Silmani Elektri, has some good tips to help make the lighting in the children's room a success.

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A Revonia modular house can be a field house, a sauna and a summer house at the same time

Are you the owner of a vegetable garden, a passionate gardener, or a hobby winemaker who just doesn't have the space to store all the good stuff? Nowadays, it's quite common for the only place to store things to be the garage. But that doesn't have to be the case.

The underground cellar is coming back into its own. It's as if we've come full circle back to a time when gardening and DIY are back in fashion. People are enjoying the produce of their gardens and the demand for jam, cheese, wine and beer cellars is growing. It's as much a hobby as a lifestyle, like owning a personal hunt or a luxury car.

The Estonian company Revonia has taken cellar construction to a whole new technological level. Based on old cellar building traditions, modern cellars are built as a unique solution in monolithic concrete modules, just like modular houses.

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