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Who are we?

Diastone is one of Europe's largest manufacturers of stone planks with over 25 years of experience. During this time we have supplied over 1 000 000 granite, marble, quartz and ceramic worktops.

We specialise in granite, quartz, marble and ceramic materials and installation in Estonia, Scandinavia and the USA. Our customers are private individuals, interior designers, interior salons and construction companies.

We work every day to provide our customers with attractive and exclusive stone worktops, solutions that add value to their homes and properties, and a high quality full service. We know that stone flooring is timeless and generally low maintenance, making it the best choice for kitchens and bathrooms.




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We use high-tech equipment from leading European manufacturers such as Thibault, Prussiani and Intermac. In order to ensure that the design and installation work is of the highest quality and speed, our survey and installation teams are based in Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

Quality and environmental sustainability are very important to us. To ensure this, we have implemented ISO 9001 quality and ISO 14001 environmental management systems.


Idylium ceramics: a high-quality blend of nature, beauty and technology

Introducing a new ceramics manufacturer with materials whose quality and characteristics will impress even the most demanding customer. Born in Milan, Italy's design capital, Idylium is a brand whose name derives from the word Idyll - the perfect blend of nature, beauty and technology. It embodies all the natural and physical qualities of stone, yet is free from the imperfections and imperfections that often accompany real stone. Sustainability is also very important to Idyllium - the product is 100% biodegradable and nature-friendly, without compromising on quality.

More than just stone

Idylium ceramics are like the Lamborghini of the world, with a passion for creating beauty that lasts. The design, research and finishing are done in Italy, but the production plant is located in L'Alcora, Spain, the largest stone processing region in Europe.

This is a patented production technology that is not used anywhere else and creates a unique result. It mimics natural processes that would otherwise take millions of years. The product is pressed together at 500 kg/cm2 and heated to 1300 degrees - creating a product that is chemical and heavy metal free, ultra-compact and inert, zero porosity, thermally resistant, chemical resistant and completely UV, fire and scratch resistant.

Idylium empireo valge keraamika liimitud köögisaar

Idylium Empireo

Thanks to this technology and its properties, Idylium can be used anywhere - it can decorate kitchens, bathrooms, it can be used on walls and floors and it is ideal for outdoor use - for furniture, terraces, floors, swimming pools, facades. It is also well suited for special solutions, for example for use as an integrated cooker top.

Nor does Idylium overpower surfaces with fire - so you can create a truly elegant fireplace or bio-fireplace.

Respect for nature

Sustainability is also important to Idyllium, as is respect for nature. For them, respecting nature is an ethical approach to innovation - creating a product that meets the needs of today's people, while preserving nature for future generations.

So Idylium is 100% natural and biodegradable. It can be recycled and will decompose in nature to become part of the living cycle again - something that no synthetic material can offer.

Idylium statuario elisio hele köök keraamikast

Idylium Statuario Elisio

But avoiding pollution isn't enough for them - Idylium also wants to reduce the damage humans have done to nature so far. So they're developing an exclusive formula to give the stone self-cleaning properties. This reduces air pollution.

Design also plays a role in conservation - Idylium believes that products with a timeless style will not go out of fashion and will not be replaced as often. This helps prevent overconsumption and reduces waste. For Idylium, beauty is eternal.

Idylium papirio keraamikast köögitaspind roostekarva

Idylium Papirio

Idylium embodies the style worthy of an Italian design capital

With a timelessly elegant style, Idylium is proudly born in Milan, Italy's design capital. Although it resembles real stone, it has none of the imperfections and imperfections that real stone can have. It can be used to create perfectly flawless stone surfaces of over 3 metres.

The veins running through the plane make this material exclusive, full-body or the content of the material is multidimensional and the design is highly resolved on the surfaces.

Diastone offers the following materials:

Idylium empireo lys keramikk benekeplate


Idylium calatorae intenso keramikk mørk benkeplate


Idylium calacatum grå keramik bänkskiva


Idylium delite lys keramikk benkeplate


Idylium colorado lincoln hvit keramikk steinbord

Colorado Lincoln

Idylium statuario elisio hvit keramikk kjøkkenbenk

Statuario Elisio

Idyllium caravaggio albus keramik ljus stenskivor

Carvaggio Albus

Idylium domus ater svart keramikk sten

Domus Ater

Idylium metallo liquido ljus keramik bänkskiva


Idylium papirio keramik bänkskiva rusta



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