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Albatros Textile is a curtain and textile manufacturing and sales salon in Viimsi. We offer our customers curtains in original and high quality workmanship for both residential and commercial spaces. The curtains are made in our company, which is run by textile artist Tanya Kuusik with 15 years of experience. We are able to offer you both simple and complex curtain and window covering solutions, on request we can also offer installation, curtain wood, curtain accessories and other design solutions necessary to achieve a complete vision. The range of fabrics is very wide and, in addition to fabrics available on the spot, it is always possible to order a fabric from our catalogues that you like and that suits you.
Albatros Textile's prerogative is to manufacture just the product you need, from start to finish, from design to installation.
Visit us at our salon:
Albatros Textile OÜ
Albatros Textile Textile Textile Ltd. - Albatros Textile Textile Textile Ltd. at Viimsi Shopping Centre, Randvere 6, Viimsi, Viimsi
74001 Estonia
Ev-R 10:00 - 18:00, L 11:00 - 18:00, P by appointment
Our e-shop is open 24/7 and the assortment is constantly being improved and expanded





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